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DeFi Pulse Index Update: RGT-TRIBE Merger

Christoph - Apr 7, 2022 | 1 minute read

Scalara announces a change to the composition of the DeFi Pulse Index. The change is a result of the RGT-TRIBE merger. On April 8, 2022, 26.70567 units of TRIBE will replace each unit of RGT in the DeFi Pulse Index.

The merger follows community proposals and votes in December 2021. Measures to combine the two DAOs behind Rari Capital and Fei Protocol were approved by 93% to 1% and 90% to 0% respectively. Therefore, both projects will merge via a token swap with TRIBE as the surviving token

Trading volumes of TRIBE have been surpassing RGT’s by a wide margin since approval of the merger.

RGT-TRIBE merger, volumes
Source: Coingecko data as of April 6, 2022

Scalara, a subsidiary of DeFi Pulse, creates and maintains indices for a decentralized world.

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