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PONY Index

The Passive Omnichain Net Yield (PONY) Index is a digital asset index designed to provide exposure to high quality USD stablecoin yields from all around the blockchain world. The yields are sourced from multiple chains, farming platforms, stablecoins and yield sources. The index simplifies this complex task into a passive strategy accessible on Ethereum. In order to be included in the PONY Index, yield opportunities have to pass a set of rigorous filters. These filters cover all relevant aspects of yield farming and consider different chains, yield farming platforms, stablecoins, yield sources, and risk. Index constituents are rebalanced on a monthly basis to maximize yield while ensuring diversification, strict safety scoring and sufficient capacity.

The PONY Index is a one-click omnichain yield solution.

Low cost

Pooling of assets via an index and using auto-compounding vaults socializes a large part of the costs of yield farming.

Secure principal

Above all, the index seeks to minimize the risk of loss to the index notional. High safety standards are applied.

Net Yield

Utilizing best-in-class yield farming vaults that optimize the task of reinvesting any distributions, the index does all the work for you.


Attractive yields from all around the blockchain world are collected and made accessible on Ethereum as a single strategy.


The index methodology automates the time-consuming and costly job of yield farming, to be investable through a single token.