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Here at Scalara, we leverage our traditional finance expertise and crypto-native know-how to deliver some of the most innovative index products in the DeFi space.

Flexible Leverage Indices

The Flexible Leverage Indices (FLI) are a family of leveraged indices that allow users to gain exposure to the DeFi ecosystem with a single token.

DefiPulse Index

The DeFi Pulse Index methodology underlies the leading index token in the DeFi space that holds over 50% of all assets tracking onchain basket indices.

Our Approach

We develop each index with the user in mind: Indices not only simplify the investment process but can make new assets classes or exposures replicable by a single token. While leveraging DeFi’s composability, we thoroughly vet each protocol and token before including it in any of our indices.

To be included in one of our index products, any related DeFi protocol and corresponding tokens must pass a rigorous screening methodology.